Penguin Canvas Wrap
Penguin Canvas Wrap
Penguin Canvas Wrap
Penguin Canvas Wrap

Penguin Canvas Wrap

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Great art for an even greater cause!

Each of our canvas wraps include a high-resolution image of an animal species that is at-risk for extinction.

With your purchase, not only will you be adding a fantastic piece to your collection, but you will be helping to save these very animals!

All of the profit from your purchase will go to help the World Wildlife Fund and their mission to support endangered species around the world.

Their mission is our mission.

Order now to help us with our 2019 donation goal of $100,000!  A donation that could save thousands of innocent animals.

Our canvas wraps come in a number of different sizes:

  • 5x7” (Select Animals)
  • 8x10” (Select Animals)
  • 11x14” (Select Animals)
  • 16x24”
  • 24x36”
  • 32x48”

Each canvas is 1.25 inches thick and comes equipped with ready-to-hang hardware so you can immediately hang your new artwork.

Our canvases come with a scratch-resistant UV coating and can easily be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

We package our canvas wraps as follows:

  • Smaller Sizes- Clear poly bag, thin corrugated cardboard to protect corners and boxed.
  • Larger Sizes- Clear poly bag, Styrofoam protected corners and boxed.

Note: As this artwork is “image wrapped”, the whole image may not appear on the front side of the canvas, as the image has to be wrapped to the back side of the frame. Our recommended size is anything above 11x14 so that you get the most of the image on your canvas as possible and fill up enough of your home with the artwork you choose!

You can read more about our mission to help protect global wildlife here.

Penguin Canvas Wrap
Penguin Canvas Wrap
Penguin Canvas Wrap