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Our Mission

Around the world, many of our most cherished species are closer to extinction than ever before.  The sheer number of animals that are being displaced by global industry and poaching is enough to bring a tear to your eyes.

It is our mission to help preserve the animal species that we have left, so that we might be able to create a better future for our world.

Innocent animals should never be endangered again.

That is why we have pledged 100% of our profit from each sale to the World Wildlife Fund*, in the hopes that through our artwork we can be but a small contributor to their mission.

By purchasing the artwork available on this website, you are helping to bring endangered animals back from the brink of extinction, and promoting a healthy environment for the future of our world.

We Sincerely Thank You For Choosing Orchid Shores!

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You can donate to the World Wildlife Fund here.

*We work with many distribution partners and administrative workers to both provide you with exquisite artwork for your home and fulfill our pledge to the World Wildlife Fund.  Profit includes all revenue from product purchases, after the cost of production, shipping, adminstrative fees, and any other applicable expenses have been paid.